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One month to go before the grand opening of Forethought Fiction Quarterly Magazine and Website - !

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Dear all,

A Nameless Zine is an up and coming lit/ art online mag. We have released the first issue with some great selection of poetry and prose!
We are now in search of contributors for Issue #2 as well as permanent contributors. These positions will be limited so drop a line!

We are in search of high- quality experimental poetry and prose. We prefer that those who submit are below the age of 25 because our target group is young people, but it is not necessary!

So, if you have any great stories or lines you want to share with the world do not hesitate to contact us at the link below:

Our zine is always open for submission!

Thank you sooo much in advance and hope you contact us!
Much love

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Win One of A Hundred Amazing Nonfiction Books

The people over at The Electric Typewriter are offering the chance to win of their top 100 nonfiction books. Click here for all the details

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Prompt idea by erickajanehenry:

Write a story that explains what happened to this woman: A Rich Woman Abandoned This Apartment in 1942. What They Just Found Inside is Incredible.

Woah, this is a crazy story! This woman disappeared from her Paris apartment in 1942 and it was just rediscovered, completely intact and full of all of her treasures (see above).

Read followers’ works inspired by this prompt:

Submit Your Story or Prompt Idea | Yeah Write! | Daily Prompts in Your Inbox

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Hi YW!

We are The Clairvoyance Collective. We offer a bilingual platform for writers to voice their stories/thoughts/experiences. It is meant to offer a common space + moral/critical support for everyone who is looking to share and improve their written word. We have regular writers who contribute to the CC on a weekly basis, but we are also open for anyone/everyone who is interested in sharing their words with us. We welcome submissions in both English and Arabic!

We are happy to have bumped into your cool website,and we’d love it if you add us on your Friends on YW page. :)

the cc

This sounds awesome and their site looks really cool, go check it out!

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Romance Books Giveaway

Hey there! Books With Benefits Press is an independent publishing company that is always in love with anything to do with romance. We are currently hosting a giveaway of 10 free books and tote bags domestically in the US, and we’d love it if you could promote it on your blog for people who might be interested in snagging a free romance book or two (or five)!

The giveaway is called March Madly In Love, click to see the prizes and rules. This giveaway ends Friday March 14, but there will be another one coming up very soon with even more free books and prizes!

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Call for submissions! Spring issue of The Writers’ Avenue

Submissions should be under the theme, YOLO, but any form of writing will still be accepted, and everyone is entitled two submissions per category.

  • Creative Writing (500 words or more. Essay, Poetry, Prose, Short Story, Nonfiction)
  • Reviews/Columns (500 words or more, can be about books, films, or anything worth sharing)
  • Illustrations/Photographs (should fit an 8.5x11 page in 300 DPI)

Submission period ends on February 27, 11:59 pm (US/Eastern time) and submissions are sent on our facebook page. Thank you and good times!

THE WRITERS’ AVENUE is a Philippine based seasonal digital/print magazine featuring literary works of various genres, providing an avenue for writers to be heard. Here’s our issuu and magcloud account. 

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Call for Submissions: The Sandy River Review

The Sandy River Review is now accepting submissions for our Fall 2014 issue. The deadline is March 12. You can find our submission guidelines here:

We accept poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and photography.

Questions? Email us at

We look forward to reading your work!

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SERIAL-CODE: A Monthly Tumblr Literary Magazine

You can find us over here.

What We’re Looking For: Stories! Specifically those larger works that we could break into weekly chapters, but we won’t turn away short stories and such. Already have your work split into chapters? Great! Here’s what to do:

  1. Count up them chapters. If they’re not all completed, don’t worry about it — a rough estimate will do.
  2. Send an email to with SUBMISSION — [your tumblr url here] in the subject line. In the body of the email, include your title, a brief summary of the overall story, and the number of chapters.
  3. If you’ve already published on tumblr, link us! We’d love to read what you have so far.

What about fanfiction? Absolutely. Serial fanfiction follows the same guidelines above, but also please include the show, book, or whatever it’s pulled from. However, I think we’re going to have to refine fanfiction further since it comes in all shapes and sizes — an issue for the best one shots of the month, etc.

Depending on the response, it may take us a short while to sift through all the submissions, but once we’ve got a framework down we can start putting out issues.

Any further questions can be addressed through the ask box or by using that same email above.

Thanks for your interest in Serial Code, and happy writing!

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Calling all Flash Fiction Writers! Push your words to be agile, nimble and fleeting! How quickly can you get a message across through prose?

We are challenging ourselves to write a complete short story in 1,000 words or less. We are challenging ourselves to create four short bursts of intense literary fiction each week for an entire month. We are challenging ourselves to do this four times a year. 

We would like to extend this challenge to short story writers everywhere! 

Writrs: A Tumblr Community is proud to announce the Four by Flash challenge for 2014 beginning this March! 

More info:
Facebook: Four By Flash
Twitter: @FourbyFlash

Four stories a week for four months starting this March 2014!

Also stay tuned to the Writrs page for prompts, themed weeks, and advice for writing short stories during the 4xF months. We hope you will join us!

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Ruminate Magazine’s 2014 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize

Ruminate is excited to announce our fourth annual VanderMey Nonfiction Prize! The Nonfiction Prize has gained national recognition, with our 2013 recipient receiving a Pushcart Prize and appearing in the 2013 Pushcart Prize anthology. The winner of the VanderMey Nonfiction Prize will receive $1500 and publication in the Summer 2014 issue. The runner up will receive $200 and publication. We are pleased to announce that our finalist judge for the 2014 Prize is John Wilson. John Wilson is editor of Books and Culture, and his reviews and essays appear in the New York Times, the Boston GlobeFirst Things, National Review, and other publications. We invite you to enter. Rules and Guidelines here.

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Prompt idea by CopyKiller:

Re-write your Favorite Author

1. Pick up your favorite book. 

2. Pick a passage you love.

3. Re-write it from your own (or your character’s) perspective.

This helps with those ‘getting stuck’ moments because you’re naturally enjoying the work. The words flow a little easier.

Original post here.

Submit Your Story | Yeah Write! | Daily Prompts in Your Inbox

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if you’ve got any of that that explores or makes reference to your heritage, culture, region, hometown, neighborhood, community, etc etc etc. any type of art or writing welcome.

deadline february 15!

(but send it anyway if you still have something after that)

more info here:

and then send it here:

if you know anyone that might be interested, please pass this on. thank you!

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My names Weasel and I’m the managing editor for a small, non-profit literary magazine called Vagabonds. We publish twice a year and we’re currently calling for submissions! We have a full list of guidelines available on our website for all to review. We’re a magazine that has a beat generation mentality looking for dedicated artists and writers to feature in our upcoming issue.

Thank you for your time!

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Writing Contest by SimpleComplexity, LLC


We are SimpleComplexity,LLC - a fledgling non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting women and girls and providing much needed support in form of quarterly philantrophic campaigns.

This quarter, the theme is “Healthy Girls Rock”. The focus of this campaign is to encourage young people (especially young female teenagers) to practice healthier lifestyles in a holistic manner. We want you to be the driving force behind the images you envision for yourself.

To enter, participants who fulfill the criteria are required to submit a personal essay, comic strip or photo essay. Details about the campaign can be found here.

Participants will have the chance to win cash prizes and the opportunity to have their entries featured on the SimpleComplexity, LLC Tumblr page.

We are looking forward to receiving all your wonderful submissions! Please share with as many people as you can.


The SimpleC Team

Follow us on Tumblr here and on Twitter: @Scomplexity

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