Please read the guidelines below that correspond to what you’re submitting. Due to the large volume of submissions Yeah Write receives, content that does not adhere to the guidelines might be deleted (and no one wants that!). If what you want to submit isn’t listed here, send YW an ask.

Do not copy and paste the body of your story, poem, etc. into the submission box. Submissions sent in this way are automatically deleted. Please read the guidelines below on how to submit a story, poem, etc.


1. Post your story, poem, etc. on your own Tumblr. Your story must loosely correspond to one of our writing prompts. For more info, visit our About page.

2. In the Title bar of the submission box, type the first word that the prompt is tagged with (visible on the permalink page of the prompt—it’s the first word under the prompt with a #hashtag next to it, in all caps). By putting that unique tag into the Title bar, I know which prompt to post your story on.

3. In the body of the submission box, type the title of your story. Make the title into a link to where the story is posted on your own Tumblr.

4. Type “by” and your name. Your byline can be your Tumblr username, your real name, your pen name… whatever you prefer!

5. Click Submit!

Still having trouble? Confused? Here’s what a submission should look like.


1. Write “Prompt idea by yourtumblrusername:”. If you want, you can make your username a link to your blog.

2. On a new line, write your prompt idea.

3. Click Submit!

4. Since only one prompt is posted per day, it can sometimes take weeks before your prompt idea gets to the top of the queue. So just be patient, and keeping checking back on the prompt page!

Still having trouble? Confused? Here’s what a prompt submission should look like.


Every couple of weeks, I’ll compile a post made up of user questions. I can’t get to answering all of them (at least not in a timely fashion), so if you have an answer you’d like to share, we’d love to read it! Note: If more than one person answer the same question, that’s fine. High five for multiple points of view! I’ll just compile them into one post.

1. In the title bar, type ANSWER.

2. In the first line of the submit text box, type your name. This can be your real name, your pen name, your Tumblr username—whatever you want. If you want to hyperlink it to your Tumblr or personal website, go for it!

3. On a new line, copy and paste the original question. Put it in quotes or italics or something so that I know that’s the original question, and not part of your answer.

4. Beneath the question, type your answer. For ideas on the length, style, and formatting of how YW usually answers asks, visit our Writing Advice page (which is also where your question will be archived).

5. Hit submit!


If you have something you want us to promote, send us a submission as you would want to see it published on Yeah Write. Things we promote include other community writing blogs, calls for submissions, contests, job/internship listings, etc. Please include the name of your website, organization, literary magazine, etc., and a link to where people can find more information or submit. I also highly recommend including some kind of image—your logo, the header of your blog, a poster—since posts with images get far more attention on Tumblr than ones that don’t!

If you have a static website/blog similar to Yeah Write’s, you may also simply write us with a link to you website/blog and a note saying you’d like to be added to the Friends of YW!” page.

Please note that we only publish promotion for community-oriented blogs, websites, contests, etc. We do not promote/friend individuals’ writing blogs.


Are you willing to workshop your Tumblr peers’ works?

1. Type in a link to your Tumblr ask box.

2. Type in a short description of your qualifications, what genre or form you’re interested in, and/or what you’re especially good at editing.

3. Press Submit!


Know of a literary magazine that accepts submissions from lesser-known writers? Send us a link to their site!